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Bull....they are just saying he's guilty because of the White reaction and the power of ownership. The white public owns this sentiment and it's played out over and over again by comedians, pundits and talk radio. What do you expect? Some Blacks just have given in for the sake of conversation. You never here anything on t.v. that talks about OJ's innocence. Nothing....not one opinion of program.

keno213 in the Washinton Post

The DNA evidence (one in a billion chance) can not differentiate between a father and son - they have the closest DNA possible. So all that DNA "one in a billion" odds has to be thrown out the window regarding OJs son. All the other evidence presented in the case applies equally to the son and OJ (son lived in that house on his father's property and had access to the car, his father's shoes, father's gloves, etc.). I believe that the odds that the son did it are very high - much higher than the odds that OJ did. Of course - OJ couldn't make this case in court: he was likely covering for his son.

Clyde4 in the Washinton Post

There is so much more in the new book but if you don't do anything else, see this movie. Guaranteed to change your mind on OJ verdict!

Lynne Stephenson on Facebook

Thank you for all you have done. The documentary is awesome and downright mind- blowing. Still have to get the new book.

Carol Prato on Facebook

I love this movie was made because its how I saw things at the time . I told someone after the trial that Jason did it and they thought I was crazy . Im making them watch this when it comes out . EVERYONE should see this!!!""The sad thing is nothing will ever be done because too many people will never let it happen . If they start looking at Jason than it would mean they were wrong about OJ and there was a conspiracy to convict him. I really believe Mr. Fung wanted to tell the truth but didnt want to lose his job.

Connie Reekes on Facebook

I had my suspicions from the start and thought it to be either Jason or AC and suffered much verbal ridicule back then from my contemplates ... This is a great in depth look at what really happened ...

Montice Paul on Facebook

Thank you very much for your courage to take on this very worthy battle and doing the job most are afraid to admit was never done. I feel like as close to 100% on the same page as your theory as I personally can be. Great Job!

Eduardo Lovelace on Facebook