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The Overlooked Suspect Movie

Trailer for the Independent Documentary "The Overlooked Suspect" which chronicles the story of the O.J. Simpson and the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Take the opportunity to see & hear the evidence that has never been made public!


The team behind the creation of the documentary “Overlooked Suspect-What if O.J. Didn’t Do It ? ” include a leading private investigator and film producers committed to making available to the public at large- a summary of facts and information offering compelling evidence as to an “overlooked suspect” in the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ron Goldman murders in Los Angeles in 1994.

The creators of this documentary have no relationship with O.J. Simpson, his family or any business associates of Mr. Simpson – and offer an objective and impartial view of the murders and case. You be The Judge


The Overlooked Suspect Movie looks at the case of the century. Learn the real facts about the Evidence, the Investigation, and the Investigator.


Almost everyone thinks O.J. committed the murders, but recall these important, “overlooked” facts:

  • Ron Goldman put up a bitter struggle with his attacker, yet no bruises or cuts (other than the cut on his finger) were ever found on O.J. Simpson.
  • Investigators found blood and skin under Nicole’s fingernails, along with drops of blood on her back that didn’t match those of O.J. Simpson or Ron Goldman.
  • The LAPD found 17 unidentified fingerprints at the crime scene, none of whch matched O.J. Simpson.
  • There was an unidentified shoeprint found in blood at the Bundy crime scene,as well as, other footprints that did not match O.J. Simpson’s Bruno Magli shoes.
  • Blood found in O.J.’s Bronco actually totaled less than one drop.
  • The day after the murders and prior to his arrest, O.J. Simpson hired a defense attorney for a “3rd-party”, but not for himself.
  • The LAPD focused on one major suspect, O.J. Simpson,and quickly eliminated other possible suspects, including our “overlooked suspect”.

What do these facts point to?


Find out who O.J. was willing to stand trial for in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman as you walk, step-by-step, through William C. Dear’s 15 year detailed investigation.

View compelling NEW EVIDENCE- that has never been made public.


In 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald L. Goldman were viciously murdered at Nicole’s condo in Brentwood, California. Ronald Goldman suffered more than 15 knife wounds, including fatal stabs to his neck, chest and abdomen. Nicole Simpson had been stabbed multiple times through the throat, to the point of near decapitation.

The L.A.P.D. investigation that ensued focused on one major suspect: Orenthal James Simpson, known throughout the world as “O.J.”

On June 17, 1994, private investigator William C. Dear, witnessed, along with millions of other Americans, the captivating chase that eventually led to the arrest of O.J. Simpson for the murders of his ex-wife and Goldman.

On October 3rd, 1995 with an estimated 150 million people watching on live television, the verdict in the longest trial in California history was read. The clerk of the court read the words “not guilty” – twice. O.J. Simpson was now a free man.

In almost 50 years as a private investigator, Mr. Dear has learned to never assume. The lifelong PI’s intuition told him there was much more to this case. On his own, he started to read and re-read all the news reports that flooded the media. In his initial research, Bill Dear had more questions unanswered than answered, so, decided to do what he does best – investigate throughly and seek out the truth behind these murders.

His personal investigation continues on into it’s 18th year.


Almost 50 years ago, private investigator William C. Dear has worked homicide investigations all over the world. Mr. Dear began his career as a police officer in Miami, Florida. In 1961, he opened his own investigation agency, William C. Dear & Associates, Inc. in Dallas, Texas.

On October 4 1981, Mr. Dear was hired to be part of a team that exhumed the body of the man who assassinated President John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald. Many conspiracy theorists had often claimed that Oswald’s body had been switched at the time of burial.

In 1988, Mr. Dear was indicted into the Police Officers Hall of Fame for the Dean Milo murder case, in which his 11 arrests and convictions were the most ever in the state of Ohio

Some of Mr. Dear’s most intriguing cases have been turned into well-known books including: The Dungeon Master – Please…Don’t Kill Me – Private Detective

The Film

This documentary film highlights a detailed and on-going 15 year investigation by one of America’s leading private investigators – into the 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson/Ron Goldman murders that prompts the question, “What If O.J. Simpson Didn’t Do It? Take the opportunity to see and hear the evidence that has never been made public.


Dec. 26, 2013
Toronto, Canada
July 24, 2013
Real to Reel
Kings Mountain, NC
Jan 17, 2012
Irvine Film Festival
Irvine, CA
May 1, 2012
Beverly Hills, CA
March 20, 2012
Am Docs
Palm Springs, CA
Sept 24, 2011
Doc Miami
Miami, FL

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